Friday, October 30, 2009


The Afritecture website says "..The influence of Africa in modern art and music is well documented. From the the works of Pablo Picasso to the sounds of Rhythm and Blues, elements of African styles are globally acknowledged. The African accent on today’s built environment, however, remains less celebrated.

Unlike the term ‘Western Architecture’, which conjures up images ranging from Greek Temples to Post Modern high rises, African architecture tends to be viewed through a very narrow prism. A hut is usually what comes to mind. Rarely is African architecture observed with reference to antiquity or to exemplary contemporary architecture.

This website aims to change that.

Over the centuries, cultures within continental Africa have developed and used numerous design principles in the design and construction of their surroundings. Out of necessity, availability, and creativity, these aesthetics - which are as varied as the continent’s vast cultural diversity, and further modified as they have passed through the screens of Eastern and Western cultures - are still prevalant within today’s urban context not only in Africa, but throughout the world.

This website , a platform through which the influence of this design vernacular in modern day Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Interior Design is showcased, is less about architecture in Africa, but more Africa in architecture. We also aim to be an exploration of this vernacular, within the context of the past, the local, and the present, with the hope of inspiring further investigation and admiration..."