Thursday, November 09, 2006

Formula for Cheaper H and 2H Concrete Blocks

1000 innovations writes about a new patent being developed to reduce the cost and at the same time maintain the reliability of the concrete block.

H & 2H bricks is a concrete mix formula developed by TRAORE Gaoussou for molding cheaper agglomerated concrete blocks that are still within the allowed strength tolerances. He has through his formula being able to achieve a 30% more economical block. In his own words this translates to "...30 % economy compared to the conventional brick, that means 30 % less cement, 30 % less sand and 30 % less water.." .

With soaring energy costs worldwide the price of cement is going to rise because it is a material whose manufacturing process relies on the use of non-sustainable materials like limestone, coal, natural gas and gypsum, so methods of construction that use less of this material would be welcomed by builders in developing countries.

These blocks also maintain the building standard for thermal and sound requirements in H and 2H concrete blocks.

You can contact TRAORE Gaoussou an inventor who has a patent pending for this formula, he is a director at "La Soudanais" Co.

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