Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Diébédo Francis Kéré, founder of the "Bricks for Schools" project in Burkina Faso

"An architecture student in Berlin, took upon himself the cause of ensuring that his village would not be deprived of a school, and with a group of friends in Germany, Kéré set up a fund-raising association, Schulbausteine für Gando
Bricks for the Gando School. The idea met with a positive response and, having secured finance through the association, Kéré also obtained the support of LOCOMAT (a government agency in Burkina Faso) to train brickmakers in the technique of working with compressed stabilized earth. The project is a recipient of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture, Ninth Award Cycle, 2002 - 2004."

He says " My presence in Europe has allowed me to look further beyond the horizon than most of my compatriots. Among other things I have realized that school education and training are the basis of any social, professional and economic development."

"The idea is to adapt traditionally temporary clay building methods to produce long-term, climatically high quality results by modifying materials and construction principles."

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Unknown said...

the image on this page shows the first structure built, today more classrooms and teachers houses have been added. what is so great about this project is the fact, that only locally available materials and tools were used. this is one of the rare cases of development, were people help people help themselves. a magnificent project, reaching far beyond only school facilities. just to mention in brief: a water supply, a school vegetable garden, rain harvesting..... a monument to education and to strong individuals.