Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Inhabitat says"...Out of Australia, another little prefab with an eco-friendly slant. The Modabode is a modular structure created for flexibility in size, shape and location. The single-module prototype, called e-Bode, measures just 3.6m x 14.4m, with an internal floor area of 50 sq-m, making it small enough for a beach hut, and versatile enough to be used in customizing a family residence. Modabode offers rainwater catchment systems and solar water heating, as well as energy-efficient appliances and an extra-large cantilevered roof that shades and protects the interior.

The Modabode was originally included in Australia's Houses of the Future design exhibition, which showcased six homes whose design and environmental standards made them future-worthy dwellings. The prototype was constructed next to the spectacular Sydney Opera House and Botanic Gardens, a perfect complement to its spare modernist aesthetic..."

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Would not Mr. Okafor be an excellent choice as a contributor to the recovery of New Orleans as both an urban planner and architect? In addition to satisfying problems pertaining to enviornmetns as diverse as the Mezzogiorno, Australia and Africa, the designs featured have much in common with certain vernacular forms found in Southern Louisiana and coastal Mississippi that should invite discussion and informed reflection. Thank you.