Sunday, November 06, 2005

PAD House

Originally reported in the Inhabitat blog Sara says "...Infatuation has given way to obsession. We are witnessing an upsurge of awe-inspiringly cool modular design, and the trend is not getting tired. I need to make my list of favorites modular so that I can rearrange it to accomodate new arrivals, like the Pad House, which is nearing its official launch in the UK.

Pad is a graceful example of modular construction, with a fixed core that permits absolute flexibility from room to room. The house sits on a pre-cast reinforced concrete foundation. Like its kin, most of the structure is fabricated off-site and delivered for quick assembly. The walls are essentially 3-ply: glass composite for interior and exterior with foamed glass inside, creating naturally bright, lightweight, fireproof modules.

The extreme flexibility and variability of the structure is reminiscent of another of our favorites, the Lovetann Home; both can be renovated effortlessly, and have a star-studded list of corporate partners providing state-of-the-art interior and structural details. Our comparison of Lovetann to a LEGO house goes literal with Pad, where you can have an entire module designed by LEGO for the burgeoning young builders in your family, not to mention entertainment by Sony and kitchens by Balthaup.

As you can see from the images, Pad appears to be as well suited for an ample lot in the burbs as for an urban corridor between existing buildings. You choose the size and layout that is most appropriate, and you are free to change your mind down the line. This kind of design is giving new meaning to "accomodation." Home is no longer just a comfy place to rest your head, but an interactive part of your life, that will constantly evolve to accomodate you. Brilliant..."

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