Thursday, February 09, 2006

Icosa Village

In a story covered by Jill of Inhabitat she writes that"...Despite looking like something straight out of Star Wars-Icosa Village's collection of "Pod" prefab shelters are actually very down-to-earth. The pods are practical, affordable, and easy-to-build, with the pieces snapping together like Erector Sets.

Starting around $2000, the Bucky-inspired dymaxion shelters are super cheap, and are designed to be used for a variety of recreational, promotional, and humanitarian uses.

The Icosa Village website says"...Icosa Village offers temporary to semi-permanent shelter products that are suitable for a variety of recreational, promotional, entertainment, and humanitarian uses. It is our intention to become the preferred supplier of high value, low cost, aesthetically appealing shelter solutions to governmental, NGO, and international relief organizations addressing the worldwide refugee shelter crisis..."

Photos Courtesy of Inhabitat

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