Monday, December 25, 2006


Africa now has its first Automobile design association called AADA.

According to their website the aim of the association is " bring together Automotive design enthusiasts, artists of all ages, professional designers and design students, of all nationalities, to promote design education, African culture, Heritage, and to encourage automotive design practice in Africa.."

AADA's goal is " develop and create a brand new automotive design language, A car that captures, Africa's rich culture and heritage..."

It will be good to witness in ones lifetime an African car 100 percent designed and built in Africa as some Ghanian's are already doing.

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Tonami Playman said...

AADA is a much needed avenue for african designers. having a place to come together and share ideas would move most of our designers to join the rank of jelani Aliyu who designed the Chevy Volt concept at the 2007 Detroit autoshow.