Thursday, January 18, 2007

Freeform Construction

The technology that was once restricted to producing prototypes in CAM (Computer Aided Manufacture) and RAFT (Rapid Automated Fabrication Technologies) industry is now being proposed to print buildings the way you print pages from your computer.

"...Freeform Construction is a truly adventurous and far-reaching new construction method which will change the very future of building and construction as we know it. It will revolutionise the way we build, it will enhance existing construction processes and bring about new capabilities for the construction process, and it will allow us to build in ways which simply weren’t possible before..."

"...Freeform Construction is about ‘printing’ buildings, as if you were printing this page. It’s about combining the whole design, construction and maintenance process into a seamless operation to produce structures and components which meet the challenges of our changing world and which will allow us to build on any terrain, against any backdrop, anywhere on the Earth, the Moon or Mars..."

Photo courtesy of Contour Crafting

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